New Website

Hello, everyone. I hope that you and your family had a great Easter. This is just a short note that I have just set up another website at due to some difficulties with sharing posts from this one on Facebook and Instagram.

The new website will be for the purpose of promoting myself as a musician/songwriter as this one has been, but there is no need to worry about this one going away just yet because it will remain active during this period of transition.

Any further details about my career will be posted on the new website as well as here and on my social media outlets. Thank you very much for your support.

31st March 2019 #BenjiMartinNC #NCmusic

Hello, everyone! I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything here in a while, but if you’ve been following my music pages on Facebook and Instagram, I’m sure that you know that I’m out playing at my open mic nights again. This past week, I didn’t play because I was under the weather and my voice still sounds crappy but is still recovering. Hopefully this week, I’ll be back. Also, speaking of FB and IG, they still won’t allow me to link this website to my pages on those apps, which pisses me off, and I have sent numerous messages to them asking why, but they still will not get back to me on that. For this reason, I will begin setting up a new website for my music sometime later this, so be on the lookout for it.

Thanks for your support, and God bless you!

Autobahn Of Love #BenjiMartinNC #NCmusic

Verse I

I got my licence today/Would you like to go on a date?/I can come pick you up at 8 if that’s alright/Maybe we can take a cruise/Up Highway 62/And have dinner at the drive-in off Eastchester Drive/Then we can go for the ride of our lives

Chorus I

With the cruise set at 65/ We’ll race down the Autobahn Of Love/So buckle up and hold on tight/We’ll rule the Autobahn Of Love

Verse II

We’ll roll down I-85/Into Lexington tonight/And we’ll pull off somewhere ‘long Highway 8/Out in the summer breeze/We’ll make love beneath the trees/And I’ll have you home ‘fore it’s too late/Hey baby, what do you say

Chorus II

With the cruise set at 65/ We’ll race down the Autobahn Of Love/So take my hand and hold on tight/We’ll be the King and Queen of the Autobahn Of Love

Chorus III

With the cruise set at 65/ We’ll race down the Autobahn Of Love/So buckle up and hold on tight/We’ll rule the Autobahn Of Love/I said, take my hand and hold on tight/We’ll be the King and Queen of the Autobahn Of Love

©2019 Benji Martin Music

Mary Jane

Verse I The way you walked out on the dancefloor at the senior prom/Wearin’ your dress of virgin white really caught my eye/And your short pink hair stole the show for me/But the way you held me as we slow danced really impressed me

Chorus I Mary Jane/Open up the door to my heart/And come on in/Set up your residence/And be the queen of your castle

Verse II When we went to the drive-in movie last Friday night/We didn’t know that Gigli would suck, but it did/But your beautiful voice rang loudly as we sang “Somewhere Out There”/As it played on the radio ’til ev’ryone said, “Shut up!”

Chorus II Mary Jane, won’t you be my air/And let me breathe you in and out?/Extinguish this flame that burns inside my heart

Bridge Know that you’re the only girl I ever wanna know

Chorus III Mary Jane, I get down on my knee/And ask you to marry me/Will you spend the rest of your life with me?


©2013, 2019 Benji Martin Music

26th December 2018 #BenjiMartinNC #NCmusic

Hello, everyone! How are you doing? I hope that you have had a Merry Christmas. 2018 has been a rough year for my family and myself due the death of my father which occurred just as I was planning my comeback to the open mic stage, but I am aiming to try again in 2019 because I love to share my music with people who are more than willing to listen to it. Also in the new year, I plan to have a new website up and running. Keep checking back here for more details.

Again, thank you so much for your continued support, and may God continue to bless you and your family.

What I Am Thankful For — 22nd November 2018

As we reflect on our blessings this past year on this day of Thanksgiving, I would like to assert that I am thankful that I am still gainfully employed and for my health, my life, my family and friends, and for our freedom for which our troops made the ultimate sacrifice. However, as you can only imagine, 2018 has been a rough year for both my family and myself due to the deaths of my father and one of my uncles who lived in Georgia. These past several months may have been the most heartbreaking for us, but I have been fortunate to lean on my surviving relatives, my co-workers, and my friends for comfort and support, for which I am also grateful.

Two more things for which I am thankful are (1) my best friend Alicia and the time that she and I have been spending together since 2013 but mostly since since my father’s death in April and (2) my father, who was always there for me for better or worse, turned me on to classic R&B music and motorcycles, showed me a thing or two about fixing cars, and encouraged me to be the best that I could be. One of my last conversations with him was a year ago when I told him that I missed my mama and her cooking, and he said that she would have wanted the best for her family. I know now that he would have wanted the best for us too. Dad, I miss you so much, and I know that you are now reunited with Mama, Poochie, Smiley, and our other family relatives who went on.

In loving memory of:

Benjamin Johnny “BJ” Pressley (5th November 1948 – 7th April 2018)

Geraldine “Tut” Spann Pressley (12th February 1948 – 18th November 2015)

Greer Amelia “Poochie” Pressley Love (2nd November 1971 – 14th February 2008)

Jequillar LaChelle “Smiley” Spann (30th April 1979 – 8th November 2016)