For My Fellow Male Vocalists #BaritoneCurse

What’s up, y’all? I just want to share with you this video that I’ve seen recently. It’s about something that most of us male vocalists deal with called the #baritonecurse, and I can identify with the question that was brought up in this video because I’ve been told many times that I was a baritone because my speaking voice was deep despite my ability to hit high notes in my head notes or falsetto. However, I discovered that I was a tenor after playing at my first open mic night in Greensboro in 2003 at the tender age of 29, and my former choir director clarified that I was a tenor according to the SATB choral setup when I first joined the choir at my former church the following year. Even at my open mic nights, I’ve had people compare my voice to those of the likes of Neil Young, the Bee Gees, Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump, and Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

For those who want to know, my voice ranges from baritone to countertenor. Therefore, my fellow male vocalists, do not let anyone dictate your vocal range or classify your voice just because of the way your speaking voice sounds. At the same time, it’s important to know your limits because there is only so much that the human voice can do that you can forget what you can or cannot do. I hope that this video provides the insight that you need. Click on the link below.

Coming Back

Hey, everyone! What’s up? I hope that you had a good Fourth Of July holiday. If you are in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina (Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, and surrounding communities), this is just a short announcement that after four years, I intend on returning to performing at open mic nights again in about a month or so because I miss sharing my music with you all as well as listening to other artists’ music. Keep checking back for updates, the first of which should come soon. Thanks for your support over the years, and I love you all! Peace.

Watch “My Autism Story || Kenneth Clayden” on YouTube

I hope that you all enjoy this video because like me, Kenneth Clayden, the British young man who appears in the video, has autism. If you have no idea what autism is, it is a developmental disability that impacts things like speech, socialisation, and attentiveness.

Please bear in mind that this video may contain a piece of dialogue that you may find disturbing or offencive.

RIP, TimFest

I have just found out via email from my friend Tim Webb, who play guitar and sings baritone for my favourite local band, White Light, that TimFest, which he was instrumental in organising as an outlet for local talent in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, had been discontinued due to the deaths and illnesses of three of the staff members who either prepared the food or cleaned up the day after the festivities. I honestly cannot say enough how heartbroken I was to learn that this essential musical outlet no longer exists, but at the same time, I was blessed and fortunate to have been involved in such an incredible experience in which I not only shared my music with an audience who was willing to listen but heard a lot of other artists like Blues Extract, Turpentine Shine, the PeaceTrain Band, and of course White Light deliver stellar performances over the past several years.

For me, playing at five of the last seven TimFests was very helpful because unlike open mic nights, I was able to play sets that went beyond just three songs. Like the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end, but TimFest will live on forever. 

Tim, if you are reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing other artists like myself an outlet to share our music through with TimFest. Those were some of the best times of my life and career as a singer/songwriter, and I will never forget them as long as I live.