Tear Me Down

(Verse I)  It hurts me when you criticise things I do / Even more when you bring someone else in / Time and time again, I’ve explained to you / That kind of shit is a sin

(Pre-chorus)  All I’ve done for you is treat you good / Just the way that any man should / But the favour you seldom returned / You’re another hard lesson learned

(Chorus)  I’ve always complimented you / But you’ve done the opposite to me / When I was building you up like the Empire State Building * / All you’ve done is tear me down

(Verse II)  I’m tired of your suggestions to try something diff’rent / Only ‘cos it benefits thee / What’s it gonna take for you to understand / That what works for you don’t always work for me?


(Bridge)  I know you’ve learned in life / To do unto others as you’d have done unto you / But now I see no hint of that principle / In the way that I’m treated by you


* — Leaning Tower of Pisa for Chorus II, and R.J. Reynolds Building for Chorus III

(c) 2014 Benji Martin Music


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