Unnecessary Comments

This past week, some individuals who will remain nameless have written replies to a comment that I have made in a comment section of an article on myfox8.com concerning a standoff that occurred in Thomasville, NC, and the suspect who was involved in that event. The statements that those persons made were childish, hurtful, and downright unnecessary.

All I did was exercise my First Amendment rights as an American citizen to speak freely, but those individuals responded in a way that I found to be unwarranted. Therefore, I would like it if these people learn to do something that I need to do — THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK! I would also appreciate if they would no longer reply to my comments on myfox8.com. Thank you.

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  1. Yeah, welcome to the internet. There’s a lot of a-holes out there. And sometimes you have no idea what’s going to set them off. I’ve written what I thought were “controversial” posts and gotten no response and then written totally benign posts where people have respond with angry insults. It’s unpredictable.

  2. And that’s why I’ve learned to be just as crazy with my responses when trolls make stupid comments. People feel powerful hiding behind their computer screens so you will always have crazy azzes. I think its fun having “spirited” conversations with idiots. Don’t take it personal, its just how the internet world is.

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