My Big Fat Fabulous Life: My Review

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Crazy Lady Over Here

#MyBigFatFabLife #Whitneyway

Like a whole bunch of other people, I started watching TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life. A reality show following a hugely overweight woman named Whitney Thore who has PCOS and happens to be an amazing dancer.

She was noticed and picked up by TLC when a YouTube video of her dancing went viral last year. The reality show goes back to explain how she was a ‘normal’ weight in college, then randomly ballooned for unknown reasons. Until she was later diagnosed with the PCOS, which she claims put an extra 250Lbs onto her body.


Whitney has a great attitude and a lot of positivity about her. She founded the ‘No B.S (no body shame) Campaign. Where she promotes self-love and acceptance for all bodies, by all people.


People seem to love the shit right out of Whitney and can’t get enough of her, I am one of them…

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