Who (Or What) Is A “Dude?”

I normally rarely used the blog portion of my offIcial website, what I am about to vent about has been eating at me for years. I have encountered a number of words that I did not find to be favourable, but there is one word that should definitely be removed from the English language — “dude.”

What exactly is the big deal about people addressing others as “dude?” That word has been so overused that it is driving me crazy! I say this because I am tired of being addressed as “dude” by other people. When I was a kid, it was cool to call other guys dudes or address them as such, but as I have gotten older, that word has gotten more obnoxious, and one reason for that is because when I started jamming with other musicians about a decade and a half ago, those guys started calling me “dude” so much that I just got tired of hearing that word. Now when other people address me as “dude,” that makes me so mad that it is not even funny!

To everyone who is reading this blog entry, including my friends to whom I have not spoken in a while, please do NOT call me “dude.” Instead, I would like it if you would simply address me as Benji.

Thank you.



      1. You are right. Obnoxious. Although the person who called me that wasn’t really being obnoxious I don’t think anyway.

  1. Ok dude we for one will call you bro πŸ™‚ or how about dear πŸ™‚ Now don’t get cross Benji couldn’t resist it’s just a joke ok phew hope that made you smile.

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