For Elizabeth T.

Usually, I do not leave personal messages on my offIcial website, but this one is for someone I know named Elizabeth T., who lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Elizabeth, this is just a short note to let you know that I am really sorry for everything that I have ever said and done that has hurt or upset you. This is also to remind you that while I take full responsibility for my mistakes, you have said and done some things that have hurt me as well. I know that I should have spoken to you about this when Pongr was still up and running, but you would not allow me to largely because of your busy schedule. I also know that I should have let it go, like the song from Frozen said, but this mess is still eating at me.
I would like to talk about this some more, so if you are reading this, when and if you can find the time, please hit me up via the Contact page on this site. Thank you.



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