For Mama

Just yesterday evening, I have received the unfortunate news from my father that my mama had just passed away. She had been battling stomach cancer since early last month, and despite optimism that chemotherapy and radiation treatments would aid in her surviving this disease, her health began declining about two weeks ago.

However, Mama’s spirit was (and still is) unstoppable. She was the toughest, kindest, and most beautiful woman I had ever known in all of my 41 years in this world. I shall be there first to admit that she and I had our share of disagreements (as any parent and child would), including those about my interest in doing something with music for a living, I still somehow had her blessing when she gave me my second guitar for Christmas in 1995 and when I was playing at my first open mic nights at the Borders bookstore that was on the corner of Gate City Blvd. (then High Point Road) and Holden Road in 2003. While, at times, she was my harshest critic, she was mostly one of my biggest supporters.

Mama, thanks for everything that you did for me and taught me over the years. I will never forget you. I love you so much.

In loving memory of my mother, G.S.P. aka Tut (1948-2015)


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