What I Am Most Thankful For This Year

Sure, I have a lot of things to be thankful for this past year, which include my health, my family and friends, the ability to create and perform music, and my 41 years of earthly life. However, in the wake of the loss that my family has just suffered this past week, I must say that the one thing for which I am most thankful is having had my mama in my life.

Mama, I may not have said this enough, but thank you for everything that you did for me and for the lessons that you taught me over the years. I may not have always shown my appreciation for all of this, but I am now because people do not appreciate what their parents do for them until it is too late. I am glad that expressed my appreciation to you before you left this world, and I do so again because I love you and will miss you a lot. I am also thankful that you are now reunited in heaven with Sister Poochie, Grandma Annie Mae, Aunt Dolly, and our three dogs Digger, Nilla, and Baby. Thanks for being my mama and my best friend.

In loving memory of my mother, Geraldine “Tut” Spann Pressley (12th February 1948 – 18th November 2015)


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