Falsely Accused #lyinggetsyounowhere #firstamendment

#falselyaccused #lyinggetsyounowhere #firstamendment

Don’t you hate it when someone who is supposed to be your friend accuses you of something that you did not do? That has just happened to me today when someone whom I used to know named Elizabeth, who lives in New Hampshire, sent me an instant message in which she falsely accused me of “following, copying, or harassing” her or her friends, neither of which I did because I did not bother her or try to make contact with her because all I did was like a post by one of my favourite comedians and leave a comment on it, which I have since deleted. I believe that she was trying to infringe on my right to free speech, which is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The fact of the matter is that she has been harassing me for a couple years by saying that my pictures were crap and by trying to bully me into taking better pictures and making them more like hers. This led to our falling out on account of her blaming me for the shutdown of Pongr, the website on which we met, and her being mad because I was gaining more respect on that site for my pics than she was. I also want to add that she was copying me, too, on Pongr, but I never told her to stop doing it because I did not mind. Why did everything turn around?

My mama used to tell me when I was little that lying could not get you anywhere, and she was right. Elizabeth just needs to stop jumping to the wrong conclusions just because she and I happen to follow some of the same websites and pages concerning things that we liked so much.


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