The following post contains minimal profanity.

Don’t you hate it when someone who is supposed to be one of your best friends ends up being or acting bossy, needy, pushy, or like a jerk? I have had that happen to me many times, and one example of one of those people is someone I used to know named Elizabeth T, whose Twitter handle is @NHChick11479 because she lives in New Hampshire.

Elizabeth and I met online in 2011 on Pongr, which was a game app/website where players shared pictures of brands like Pepsi, McDonald’s, and M&M’s to name a few. At first, it seemed like we were going to be really close friends even though we lived in different states because her charm, cuteness, and sense of humour drew me to her. However, as time went on, her childish demeanor began to surface with her bullying me into making my pictures as good of “quality” of hers by saying that mine were “blurrier” than hers, which was not true. She was only saying these things to keep me from surpassing her pointswise on the website and to stop me from being creative with my pictures with the use of stickers and filters. Also, as she began her traveling commitments, Elizabeth and I were becoming more distant from each of. She has stopped texting me at her own free will, she would not return my Follow Friday shootouts, and after Pongr shut down, she blocked me on Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus for no reason. Even making matters worse, the other day, she sent a message to my FB music page in which she falsely accused me of “following and copying” her and “harassing” her friends, neither of which I did, and she closed it by telling me to “find some people in (North Carolina) to harass,” which is not nice at all because I do not harass anybody. She blocked me so that I would not reply, which is not right.

Here is my response to Elizabeth’s message: (1) if I “suck,” as she said at the start of her message, then she sucks too because real friends do not treat each other like she has been treating me, and (2) she needs to find some people in her own state to treat like crap because as a childhood bully victim who has autism, I am sick and tired of this shit. All I ever did for her was be one of her best friends (or at least try to) by giving her compliments and drawing a picture of her which I sent to her for her birthday, but she has clearly done the opposite for me. I feel that all she has really done are hurt me, tear me down, and push me away like I mean nothing at all to her. I understand that she may have been hurt before by other people, but that gives her no right whatsoever to hurt other people like she has been hurting me.

In spite of it all, I forgive Elizabeth for all of the nonsense that she has done to me up to this point, not because she deserves it but so I can have some closure and move past this heartache. An apology from her would be nice enough to make me feel better, but even if she does not apologise, I still forgive her.

Thanks for reading.


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