…OK, but…

Good evening, everyone. I hope that you had a good Thanksgiving holiday. Well, to be real with you, mine was OK but, at the same time, a little depressing. In fact, it was so depressing that I did not go to my dad’s house as I was planning. The part about it that depressed me was the fact that my mama was not here to cook the food or celebrate Thanksgiving with us. However, I had bought a couple of turkey TV dinners the night before, which was a far cry from the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Maybe if the Good Lord is willing, I might cook something for next Thanksgiving, and hopefully Christmas and/or New Year’s Day will be better.


  1. Sorry your Thanksgiving was a little depressing, my friend, and sorry you weren’t able to make it to your dad’s. Sometimes these are the hardest days of the year, especially without loved ones around. Your resilience is inspiring for someone like myself.

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