In all of my 13 years as a solo performer, I can honestly say that one of my pet peeves has been when someone requests a song. I understand that it comes with the territory of being a performing artist, but it makes me cringe when people ask me to play songs that either I do not like, are not on my setlist or in my genre or repertoire, or I do not feel comfortable singing or playing.

I am not asking anybody to not make any requests, but please understand that just because you asked me to play a particular song does not always mean that you will hear it from me. To quote my boss lady at Zaxby’s, General Manager Chel “Shelly” Leibel, requests are just that — requests.

No offense or disrespect, but if two of my former teachers at GTCC (Guilford Technical Community College), Richard Tremmel and Thomas “T.J.” Johnson read this, I hope that they understand my perspective on this because the former used to request songs that meet the criteria that I have described in the first paragraph of this blog.


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