Who Report This Website?

Hello, y’all. My reason for this blog entry is because it has been brought to my attention that someone has reported my website to Facebook and Instagram for alleged abusive content. All of you who have been following me here know that most of the stuff that I have written here has been related to my music and does not contain any content that is inappropriate, abusive, or harassive in any way shape or form. I have, in fact, alerted both FB and Instagram of this misunderstanding these past few days, and they have yet to fix this misunderstanding, and I will keep you guys posted on this matter.

While I am sure that whoever has reported my website has done so out of jealousy and animosity, it is important to no one jumps to any conclusions without knowing the truth about this first. In the meantime, stay tuned.



  1. Dang, that’s fuct-up. But yeah, you’re likely right in that it was personal, someone out there just wanted mess with you for some reason. So, think about it: who’d you piss off, recently?

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