For The Record

Good evening, everyone! I hope that you are doing well. The purpose of this blog post is so that I can debunk a rumour that has been going around for years.  I remain aware that some questions and speculation about my sexual orientation have been raised for years. Some of my friends have told me many times that they were being asked if I was homosexual, and I have been asked that question also. My response to this speculation about my alleged homosexual is completely false. The truth is that I am actually a bisexual male who is more attracted to women than I am towards men. While I do not wish to go into details about how or when I knew i was bi, I wish to further assert that I would still want to settle down with a beautiful lady someday as I have dreamed since childhood.

I hope that this post answers any questions that you may have about this matter and that this ends any and all false speculation. Thank you very much for reading.


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