Author: Benji Martin

Musician, songwriter, blogger, photographer, and music commentator

Beth (Y’d U Have 2 Leave Me)

I remember the email you sent me/Tellin’ me we were done/It came like breakin’ news on Cable 21/You never gave a reason/For your walkin’ away/I wanna call and ask you why/But I’m scared of what you might say

Beth, why’d you have to leave me/Drownin’ in this pool of pity?/Beth, what did I say to make you turn me away?/What did I do to hurt you?

I tried to strum you outta my life/But it only lasts for a while/’Cos thoughts of the good times we had/Now seem so vile/We used to be best friends/Almost like brothers and sisters/And now you’re stuck in my head/Though my buddies say, “Resist her.”

Beth, why’d you have to hurt me/Do me dirty and desert me?/Beth, what did I say to make you turn me away?/What did I do to hurt you?

Did you find someone new?/If you did, what does he have that I don’t?/And if he ain’t even equal to me/Then please give me another try.

©2017 Benji Martin Music

Who Report This Website?

Hello, y’all. My reason for this blog entry is because it has been brought to my attention that someone has reported my website to Facebook and Instagram for alleged abusive content. All of you who have been following me here know that most of the stuff that I have written here has been related to my music and does not contain any content that is inappropriate, abusive, or harassive in any way shape or form. I have, in fact, alerted both FB and Instagram of this misunderstanding these past few days, and they have yet to fix this misunderstanding, and I will keep you guys posted on this matter.

While I am sure that whoever has reported my website has done so out of jealousy and animosity, it is important to no one jumps to any conclusions without knowing the truth about this first. In the meantime, stay tuned.

Change Of Plans #concert #openmic #ncmusic

#concert #openmic #ncmusic

Hey, y’all! I am just letting you know that there has been a change of plans: I will NOT be at R Lo’s Pub & Grub on Sunday for this month’s Acoustic Open Mic because I have not practised enough for it due to my work schedule, but I intend to return for the next open mic in July. However, I still encourage you to stop by 207 Fisher Ferry Street in Thomasville and bring your voice and/or instrument. I’ll see y’all next time! God bless!

Attention, Piedmont Triad!!!

This is just a quick note that I intend to return to R Lo’s Pub & Grub in Thomasville, NC for its Monthly Acoustic Open Mic Night on Sunday, June 4th from 7 through 9 PM. Also, I want to remind you that starting in July, I plan to play at other open mic night in the area during my 2017 Open Mic Comeback Tour, so check back here for updates as they become available.

In the meantime, I hope to see y’all at R Lo’s on June 4th, and if you sing, play an instrument, or both, don’t hesitate to come out and talk to Joe, Sylvia, or Phillip of the PeaceTrain Band, who co-hosts​ the event.

Some More Random Facts

Here are a few more random things about myself:

  1. My favourite city is Winston-Salem, NC.
  2. I began singing at PTA meetings and assemblies in elementary school.
  3. I got my first guitar as a present on my 10th birthday.
  4. My all-time favourite shows include the Cosby Show, Punky Brewster, American Idol, MasterChef, and the Voice.
  5. Pepsi is my soft drink of choice.