Good To Be Back #openmic #concert

I just got home from playing at my first #openmicnight in five years. It was at R Lo’s Pub & Grub in my hometown of Thomasville, North Carolina, and it was hosted by my friends, the PeaceTrain Band. Between their sets, which included renditions of classics by the likes of Neil Young, Eric Clapton, and John Denver, I was fortunate to play two sets, which altogether included verions of hits by U2, Sir Paul McCartney, Vance Joy, and the late George Michael, plus one of my original songs, (U) Spit Me Out. Aside from the positive feedback that I received from everyone who enjoyed my performance, I had a great time enjoying and playing some awesome music.

Remember that if you’re a Piedmont Triad area musician, come on out to R Lo’s on the first Sunday of every month and share your God-given talents! R Lo’s Pub & Grub is located at 207 Fisher Ferry Street in Thomasville. Be there or be square!

Open Mic Night at R Lo’s Pub & Grub

What’s up, everyone? I hope that your day is going well. I just want to call your attention to an event that has just started. It is the monthly Open Mic Night at R Lo’s Pub & Grub in Thomasville, North Carolina, and it is hosted by my friend Phillip Peace and his group, the PeaceTrain Band. I will keep you posted on the exact date of this event.

If you live in the Piedmont Triad area of NC and you are a musician or if you just enjoy good music, come on out next month to R Lo’s Pub & Grub, which is located at 207 Fisher Ferry St. in Thomasville. You will have a great time, and that is a guarantee!

Hot New #Music #Videos! #NCMusic

Four new #music #videos are now up on YouTube. Three of them are cover versions of hits by the Bee Gees, the Smashing Pumpkins, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the fourth one is an original song called S.O.S. Click here to check them out, y’all! Peace. #ncmusic

My Set at #TimFestNC2015

This year, I was fortunate to open #TimFest2015. This event is held every year in #HighPointNC in honour of the birthday of one of my good friends, Tim Webb, who plays guitar and sings baritone in the local acoustic rock band, White Light.

The songs that I have played on this lovely afternoon are, as listed:

For No One — The Beatles
(U) Spit Me Out
Falling — LeBlanc and Carr
(Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away — Andy Gibb

The titles in bold print are those of original songs.

I hope to play at next year’s TimFest if the Good Lord is willing because every year that I have participated in this event has been an absolute adventure.


(Verse I)  You and me don’t talk no more / Not the way that we used to / It’s ‘cos you’ve been busy / Tryin’ to rebuild you / But when we find time to talk / It ain’t without us fussin’ / About the same damn things / That you bring up for discussion

(Pre-chorus I)  I’m tired of you always cryin’ and bitchin’ / ‘Bout ev’ry li’l thing you know you can’t control

(Chorus I)  Ev’ry conversation is the S.O.S. / I need a vacation from the S.O.S.

(Verse II)  We used to chat ev’ryday / We’d even talk about certain things we’d do / Had we met face to face / But now we’ve gone from kind words to exchangin’ mud / ‘Cos you always start / All kinds of stuff

(Pre-chorus II)  I’ve only got one mama, and she ain’t you / So stop tellin’ me what the hell to do

(Chorus II)  Now ev’ry word we say is the S.O.S. / Each and ev’ryday, it’s the S.O.S. / I need a break from your constant piss-offs / I can’t take no more of this S.O.S.

(Bridge) ‘Fore you go off callin’ me a baby for writin’ this song / Check yourself ‘cos baby, you’re one too!

(Chorus III)  Ev’ry conversation is the S.O.S. / I need some immunisation from all this S.O.S. / I need a break from your criticisms / I’m sick and tired of all your S.O.S.

(c) 2014 Benji Martin Music


Tear Me Down

(Verse I)  It hurts me when you criticise things I do / Even more when you bring someone else in / Time and time again, I’ve explained to you / That kind of shit is a sin

(Pre-chorus)  All I’ve done for you is treat you good / Just the way that any man should / But the favour you seldom returned / You’re another hard lesson learned

(Chorus)  I’ve always complimented you / But you’ve done the opposite to me / When I was building you up like the Empire State Building * / All you’ve done is tear me down

(Verse II)  I’m tired of your suggestions to try something diff’rent / Only ‘cos it benefits thee / What’s it gonna take for you to understand / That what works for you don’t always work for me?


(Bridge)  I know you’ve learned in life / To do unto others as you’d have done unto you / But now I see no hint of that principle / In the way that I’m treated by you


* — Leaning Tower of Pisa for Chorus II, and R.J. Reynolds Building for Chorus III

(c) 2014 Benji Martin Music