Photo Gallery Coming Soon

I will have a photo gallery here soon, so if you have any pictures of me from any of my open mic nights or other performances, please send them to benjimartinmusic@gmail.com. Thank you.


25th September 2017

Hello, everyone. I apologise for not posting on here as much as I should be due to a hectic work schedule, but I want you all to know that I am doing well and hanging in there. I will keep you updated on my music career as news comes along, so be sure to keep checking back here. Thank you very much.

DON’T STOP Singing!

Good evening, fans, friends, likers, folowers, and fellow vocalists! I just thought I’d share with you this video that I have just come across. It features an awesome singer and voice teacher named Ken Tamplin, who shares his experiences as a long-time and tells us to keep singing, even when times get tough. Check it out, and be sure to leave Ken a comment about your experiences. God bless you!


25th August 2017 #BenjiMartinNC

Hello, everyone! How are you doing? I’m just letting you all know that I’m doing well and finding the time to practice my music as much around my work schedule as possible. I do plan to do some recording sometime in 2018, and I may resume my open mic performances either next week or the week after. Keep checking back here for updates! Thanks!