Change Of Plans #concert #openmic #ncmusic

#concert #openmic #ncmusic

Hey, y’all! I am just letting you know that there has been a change of plans: I will NOT be at R Lo’s Pub & Grub on Sunday for this month’s Acoustic Open Mic because I have not practised enough for it due to my work schedule, but I intend to return for the next open mic in July. However, I still encourage you to stop by 207 Fisher Ferry Street in Thomasville and bring your voice and/or instrument. I’ll see y’all next time! God bless!

Attention, Piedmont Triad!!!

This is just a quick note that I intend to return to R Lo’s Pub & Grub in Thomasville, NC for its Monthly Acoustic Open Mic Night on Sunday, June 4th from 7 through 9 PM. Also, I want to remind you that starting in July, I plan to play at other open mic night in the area during my 2017 Open Mic Comeback Tour, so check back here for updates as they become available.

In the meantime, I hope to see y’all at R Lo’s on June 4th, and if you sing, play an instrument, or both, don’t hesitate to come out and talk to Joe, Sylvia, or Phillip of the PeaceTrain Band, who co-hosts​ the event.

Some More Random Facts

Here are a few more random things about myself:

  1. My favourite city is Winston-Salem, NC.
  2. I began singing at PTA meetings and assemblies in elementary school.
  3. I got my first guitar as a present on my 10th birthday.
  4. My all-time favourite shows include the Cosby Show, Punky Brewster, American Idol, MasterChef, and the Voice.
  5. Pepsi is my soft drink of choice.


In all of my 13 years as a solo performer, I can honestly say that one of my pet peeves has been when someone requests a song. I understand that it comes with the territory of being a performing artist, but it makes me cringe when people ask me to play songs that either I do not like, are not on my setlist or in my genre or repertoire, or I do not feel comfortable singing or playing.

I am not asking anybody to not make any requests, but please understand that just because you asked me to play a particular song does not always mean that you will hear it from me. To quote my boss lady at Zaxby’s, General Manager Chel “Shelly” Leibel, requests are just that — requests.

No offense or disrespect, but if two of my former teachers at GTCC (Guilford Technical Community College), Richard Tremmel and Thomas “T.J.” Johnson read this, I hope that they understand my perspective on this because the former used to request songs that meet the criteria that I have described in the first paragraph of this blog.

Tonight At R Lo’s #concert #openmic #ncmusic

This evening, I made my way to R Lo’s Pub & Grub in Thomasville for the Monthly Open Mic Night, and as I entered the place, I saw a sign that read, “Get well soon, Phillip,” which kind of surprised me that one of the co-hosts, Phillip Peace of his namesake group, the PeaceTrain Band, was under the weather. I do not know all of the details, but I hope and pray that he makes a full and speedy recovery.

My set, which was dedicated to Phillip, included two of my originals, Ordinary and Autobahn Of Love, and a cover of Grouplove’s hit, Welcome To Your Life (which was recently featured in a series of Volkswagen TV commercials). Now, the way that I rehearsed the songs, I was expecting to sing and play them alone, but Joe Parsons, the PeaceTrain Band’s lead axeman, persuaded me to jam with his brother, who also played guitar. I do not mind jamming with other musicians, but as a solo artist with autism, doing so in a public setting, especially with my own songs, is something that I feel really uncomfortable doing because I am used to being onstage by myself.

Also, it was great seeing Davis Tucker, who filled in for Phillip, at R Lo’s. It was my first time seeing him again in more than ten years since the open mic nights that he co-hosted the open mic nights with his son Joey (who has since passed away) at what was then the Red Eye Grill on West Fairfield Drive in High Point. For more information on Davis’s music, visit

Remember that the Monthly Open Mic Night at R Lo’s is held on the first Sunday of every month. Come on down to 207 Fisher Ferry Street in Thomasville next month, and share your God-given musical gifts with us!