Have I Told You Lately

Cover version of Have I Told You Lately by Sir Rod Stewart and Sir Van Morrison

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Wish I Knew You

Cover version of Wish I Knew You by the Revivalists

This video contains coarse language.

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My Experience As A Victim Of Bullying #NoMore

Good evening, #Martinisers. I want to take this time to share with you a video that I have just seen on YouTube, but first, I want to briefly tell you about my experience as a victim of bullying both as a child and in recent years.

As I have mentioned many times, I have autism, and that, along with being a chubby kid, was the reason why I was bullied in middle and high schools. I was called names like “fat boy,” the r-word, “crybaby,” and “handicapped” to mention a few, and other boys, mostly African American, beat me up, stole homework assignments from me, and mad fun of things I wrote and said. The bullying really sent my self-esteem straight to hell, and as my adulthood progressed, I would have bouts of depression, contemplate suicides, and have some issues with authority. I am 43 years old now, and my hope and prayer is that my great-nephews and great-nieces do not have the same experiences that I had.

Unfortunately, school was not where my issues with bullying ended. They have extended into my late 30s when I was being cyberbullied by a woman five years my junior who I thought was a really good friend. Her name was Elizabeth, and she lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She and I first met on a picture-sharing game site called Pongr, where she started criticising my pictures, saying that they were crap because she was using an iPhone and I was using either an Android or an old school camera phone to snap and upload my pictures. She even tried to hinder with my creativity by forcing and pressuring me to take better “quality” pictures and make them more like hers, which I clearly could not do, and she tried to tell me that it was what Jamie Thompson, Pongr’s then-CEO, was saying, which is baloney because he, along with my other friends, said that my pictures were fine just the way they were regardless of what Elizabeth said. What makes this worse is that she would not let me tell her how her words made me feel via text, email, or tweets because she keeps blocking me on social media for no reason, and she even tried to bully me off of another app, SelfieYo, like she almost bullied me off of Pongr. If this was not enough, she called me names like “crybaby,” “dude,” and a few other names that I found offensive, and she sent me an ugly DM on my Facebook music page in which she falsely accused me of “following” and “copying” her and harassing her friends, all of which is complete baloney because I have always been respectful to her. In a nutshell, she was bossy, pushy, needy, and controlling. All I ever did was try to be a friend to Elizabeth, give her compliments, and stay in contact with her unlike other guys who, she said, stopped talking to her, but she has hurt me more than I am sure that she has realised. The sad part about all of this is that from pictures that she posted on Pongr as well as from things she told me, she is a Christian, but Christians do not treat other Christians as she did me, do they? I know that I have hurt and upset her with some of the things that I have said and done online and off, and I take responsibility for my actions, do which I remain contrite and remorseful, but until she comes forth and sincerely apologises for her part in this so that either I can have closure or we can start over again as friends or acquaintances, I have no words whatsoever to say to her. However, I have already forgiven Elizabeth in spite of it all, and I still have nothing but all due love and respect for her.

So, here is the link to the video that I saw tonight:


I ask you to watch this video and join me in taking a stand against bullying by using the #NoMore hashtag online. Thanks so much for your time.

4th December 2017

Good evening, #Martinisers! How are you doing? I hope that you had a good Thanksgiving holiday. I will be back at Westerwood Tavern in Greensboro tomorrow night for another open mic. It starts at 9 PM with sign-ups beginning a half hour earlier, and it is hosted by Matty Sheets of Greensboro-based group Lightweight. So if you’re in the downtown area of the Gate City, head over to Westerwood and rock out with myself and the other artists who’ll be there!

Last Night At Muddy Creek #BenjiMartinNC #NCmusic #openmic

Hello, #Martinisers! How are you doing? I am doing great, especially after my performance at the Muddy Creek Cafe in Bethania yesterday evening. I was pleased to see everyone there, including the event’s emcee, Country Dan Collins, but I was surprised to see three other fellow musicians there from the Garage: Johnny “Hootie” Hoots (who is one of the most excellent bassists I have ever heard), Richard Boyd of the Bo-Stevens, and Fish (the artist formerly known as Catfish). If you do not know these guys, Google them for more information. My set at the Muddy Creek last night included Beth (Y’d U Have 2 Leave Me), an original that I wrote more than a decade ago but reedited a couple of years ago after a girl l liked very much broke my heart, plus I Wish I Knew You by the Revivalists and Wonderful Christmastime by Sir Paul McCartney and Wings. I cannot express enough what a great time I had singing and hearing the other musicians’ performances, nor can I say enough how pleased I was to see Hootie, Fish, and Richard again after being away from the open mic stage for several years.

To close, I also want to add that I will take next week off from performing due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope that you and your family have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.