Wonderful Tonight

Cover version of Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

In memory of RSO Records founder Robert Stigwood. #RIPRobertStigwood

© 2017 Benji Martin Music



I know that y’all have been wondering why I have not been filming and uploading anymore videos on YouTube since this past spring. It has been due in part to my work schedule, so I ended up taking an unplanned summer break from making videos, but I will be back at it within the next few weeks. Remember to check out the videos that are already on my YouTube channel, like them, and leave a comment (no negative feedback though). Thank you.

Don’t Be Leavin’ Me Behind

Cover version of Don’t Be Leavin’ Me Behind by White Light, an acoustic rock band whose members hail from High Point and Winston-Salem, NC. This song was written by the group’s rhythm guitarist Phillip Peace.

©2016 Benji Martin Music