Coming To Westerwood Tomorrow Night!

Hey, Greensboro, get ready because I will be back at Westerwood Tavern on Guilford Avenue tomorrow evening for another open mic night, hosted by Matty Sheets of Greensboro-based group Lightweight. The event starts at 9 PM with sign-ups starting a half hour earlier. If you sing, play an instrument, or both, I encourage you to come out to Westerwood and play for us a song or two. See ya there!


6th November 2017

Just last Thursday, I went back to the Muddy Creek Cafe in Bethania, North Carolina for another amazing open mic night. Not only did I have an awesome time and enjoy some great music by other musicians, but when I took the stage, I sang an original song, (U) Spit Me Out, and the following two covers:

  • Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
  • Welcome To Your Life by Grouplove

My friend, Country Dan Collins, who hosts this event every week, and I had a conversation about songwriter during which he mentioned that it was OK to write a crappy song sometimes as long as continue to work on your craft, and I mentioned the Goo Goo Dolls frontman, Johnny Rzeznik, who wrote Iris for the City Of Angels soundtrack after a period of dealing with writer’s block that followed the Dolls’ success of their 1995 breakthrough hit, Name. I told Dan that Johnny said, “If it sucks, I don’t care,” as he was writing Iris. As an artist who writes music when the spirit moves me, I tend to agree that a song does not have to be perfect or a hit. It just has to come from your heart.

Remember that the open mic night at Muddy Creek happens every Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM with sign-ups starting 15 minutes earlier. Come on out one week, and show us what you’ve got!

29th October 2017 #BenjiMartinNC #concert #openmic #NCmusic

Good evening. I hope that you have been having a great weekend. This is just a quick note that I will be playing at open mic nights at the Muddy Creek Cafe in Bethania on Thursday, 2nd November 2017 and at Westerwood Tavern in Greensboro, NC on Tuesday, 7th November 2017.

Be sure to check back here for future updates.

25th October 2017 #BenjiMartinNC #concert #openmic #NCmusic #GSONCmusic

Last night, Westerwood Tavern was the setting for my first open mic performance in Greensboro since 2009. Like at Muddy Creek Cafe in Bethania last week, I felt at home at Westerwood because an old acquaintance from my Flatiron days, Blockheads leader Matty Sheets, welcomed me with open arms. 

The Flatiron was a club where I played from 2005 through 2009. It was located on Summit Avenue in downtown Greensboro until it shut down a few years ago.

Last night’s list of performers had about 20 people because besides us musicians, several comedians signed up. I was 18th on that list, and I treated the audience to renditions of:

  • I Won’t Back Down/Stay With Me — Tom Petty/Sam Smith
  • Have I Told You Lately — Sir Rod Stewart/Sir Van Morrison

Even Matty was impressed with how I have improved as an artist over these past few years since my last open mic performance at the Flatiron. Not only will I continue to sing at Westerwood and at Muddy Creek, but I will continue to find other open mic opportunities so that more people will hear my music.

16th October 2017

Hello, Greensboro! How have you been? Guess who’s coming back to rock your city once again… That’s right, it’s ME! You’ve heard correctly! 

Westerwood Tavern is having open mic nights, hosted by Matty Sheets, every Tuesday night at 9 PM with sign-ups at 8:30, and I’ll be there next Tuesday. The club is located at 508 Guilford Avenue in Greensboro, so come on out for some great music from myself and some other great artists. See you next Tuesday, Greensboro!

Open Mic Night at Muddy Creek Cafe #BenjiMartinNC #NCMusic

Good evening. This just a short note that I will be at the Open Mic Night at Muddy Creek Café in Winston-Salem, NC on Thursday, 19th October 2017. The event starts at 6:30 PM, and all musicians and singer-songwriters are welcome. The event is hosted by Country Dan Collins, whom I have known from past open mic nights in Winston-Salem. For more details, email me at

4th September 2017 #BenjiMartinNC #NCMusic #wsncmusic #gsoncmusic #hpncmusic

Hello, everyone! I want to wish you all a very Happy Labor Day. I have been off of the open mic stage these past few months is because of a hectic work schedule and some personal issues that have left very little time even for practise. So if the Good Lord is willing, I intend to be back out performing next month and begin recording some new music sometime in 2018. I love you all very much, and I really appreciate the support that you have shown for my music. You guys rock! God bless. See you in October, Piedmont Triad!